Long Term Case Studies

Matt Bolton, HGV Driver

Matt Bolton has been working for Direct Search UK for over 5 years as an HGV driver and has been working with them on a self-employed basis. In comparison to other recruitment agencies, Matt believes that Direct Search UK is one of the best agencies he has worked for.

Matt has found that Direct Search UK will always do their best to find work for their drivers, and he has always been offered work, even when there is a shortage. Matt has also found that Direct Search UK are committed to ensuring their drivers are paid on time and in full, which is imperative when working on a self-employed basis. They communicate regularly with him and are always willing to listen and support him and the workers on their books.

"I believe Direct Search UK do their best to find and offer you work, even if it is with a company that you have worked with before. Direct Search UK communicate with you and are always willing to listen, and more important than anything, they will always back you up. Direct Search UK have a good team of people, and I have a good relationship with all of them."

Damien Booth, HGV Class 2 Driver

Damien Booth has been registered with Direct Search UK as an HGV Class 2 Driver for over 3 years and has found his experience to be a positive one.

The staff at Direct Search UK work extremely hard to ensure that each Driver on their books is in regular employment, and that the type of work they are given is suitable to the individual. Throughout his three years with Direct Workforce, Damien has found that he has consistently been offered work in line with his individual requirements.

The team at Direct Search UK are always friendly and happy to help, and will always put the kettle on when they know you're going to be visiting the office! I enjoy working with them and would always recommend them to other drivers and anyone looking for temporary staff."

Phil Roberts, HGV Driver

As an agency driver, having a consistent supply of work, flexibility, and the right working conditions are of utmost importance, which is why choosing the right recruitment agency is crucial.

Having spent many years working as an HGV driver, Phil Roberts has gained a wealth of experience in the industry and understands that life as an agency driver isn't always easy. Phil found that he, and other drivers, had often been promised work that didn't materialise, and when work was given Phil found that the attitude towards agency drivers was often negative.

When Phil Roberts joined Direct Search UK in 2012, he found that his previous agency experiences were surpassed. Not only did Phil develop a strong and trusted relationship with the personnel at Direct Search UK, he found that they worked tirelessly to ensure all the drivers had work, even in lull periods.

As well as ensuring Phil and the other agency drivers were consistently given work, Phil found that the type and location of work he was given was tailored to his requirements; Phil's preferred type of work, preferred shift patterns, and preferred distance from home were all met by Direct Search UK. He also found that the attitude towards Direct Search UK drivers at customer sites was refreshingly positive, and found no animosity or negativity towards himself or other agency drivers.

I have worked for large international companies as an HGV Driver before moving to Direct Search UK, working here offers me a great amount of flexibility... allowing me to do other things which would normally have to take a back seat.

I enjoy the quality of work offered by clients of Direct Search UK which has always included working with new or nearly new trucks and trailers. The work has always been on good contracts, and whenever anything has gone wrong with vehicles, as it occasionally does, the reactions from client staff have never been anything but excellent."